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DWARF II Smart Telescope

DWARF II is a revolutionary smart telescope that redefines stargazing and wildlife photography, making it the best companion for outdoor travel and backyard leisure. Controlled effortlessly through a smartphone app, DWARF II is compact, portable, and versatile. Perfect for amateur astronomers, bird watchers, wildlife photographers, and enthusiasts, it offers incredible detail without the hassle of bulky traditional telescopes.

Equipped with dual cameras and AI power, DWARF II captures deep-sky objects, galaxies, and nebulae. Its periscope design, equivalent to a book's size, makes it the world's smallest astronomical telescope - perfect for travel.

With automatic star tracking, DWARF II compensates for Earth's rotation, allowing long-exposure shots of celestial wonders. The neural network processing unit recognizes and tracks subjects, making it versatile for observing birds or capturing sporting events.

Enjoy ultra-clear 4K resolution, multiple shooting modes, and easy calibration for stunning astrophotos. The Classic edition includes DWARF II, a carrying bag, tripod, replaceable battery, and a 64GB microSD card. Upgrade to the Deluxe edition for additional features like an extra battery, UHC filter, ND (solar) filters, and a filter adapter.

Add some spice to your next trip, now on DwarfLab or Amazon.

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