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Duovox Ultra Night Vision Monocular

The Duovox Ultra Night Vision Monocular is a military-grade device that allows you to explore the great outdoors like never before. Its advanced 1080 FHD resolution camera captures every detail in full color, even in pitch darkness. With a range of up to 500m, you can now see what others can´t. Thanks to its cutting-edge optical, sensor, and image processing technologies, the Duovox Ultra captures clear and stunning images in low-light environments. Its Starvis CMOS sensor, designed for low-light observation, is the most advanced sensor available today. With a full-color technology and a built-in infrared illuminator, you can view objects in complete darkness.

The Duovox Ultra has an F1.2 aperture and 7-layered glass lenses, capturing more light and producing brighter images and videos. The built-in 7 IR modes on 850NM IR illuminator delivers a clearer vision in complete darkness. With up to 10 hours of battery life, you won´t miss any moment due to poor lighting conditions. The WiFi-connected military-grade night vision monocular is small enough to slip into your pocket, making it the perfect partner for the true explorers of the great outdoors. Early bird pledges are now available on Kickstarter from $129, offering a discount of 67% off the retail price. watch the video below

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The Classic Camera Strap is one classy strap indeed. Handmade in Brooklyn, it was designed with the simplest intentions: to create a classic yet singularly practical strap. The Classics hunter green knit band is adorned with a crisp cranberry stripe and leather-stitched buckles. The polished silver clips are a breeze to use -- their quick-release swivel snap leaves only a small ring attached to your camera....
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Gamers rejoice! Lay your eyes on Samsung’s incredibly wide QLED display - the CHG90. The ultra-wide 49-inch monitor boasts double full HD resolution at an impressive 32:9 aspect ratio across 49 inches, the equivalent to three 1280 x 1080 displays standing side-by-side. It features AMD´s FreeSync 2 technology that pushes low-latency, for stunning, stutter-free HDR gameplay, a blisteringly fast 1ms response time, and 144 Hz refresh rate. It will surely make driving...
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Tablets are great, but if you use them for a long time you will get tired of holding them up. Meet iRest, a clever solution for reading and watching your tablet more comfortably on your sofa or bed. It features an adjustable viewing angle of up to 60 degrees, and includes soft foam cushions for hours of comfort. You can also use it has an elegant desktop stand for reading your recipes whilst cooking or typing with a wireless keyboard. No more hand and neck strain. v...
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