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DJI Clip-On Mic 2

The all-new DJI Mic 2 wireless microphone system is now available, offering improved sound quality and noise isolation. With direct Bluetooth connection support, it connects seamlessly to smartphones, eliminating the need for a receiver. The redesigned transmitters feature a longer battery life of up to six hours, and the charging case supports an impressive 18 hours of use. The Mic 2 promises enhanced audio quality, supporting internal recording at 32-bit float quality and introducing AI noise cancelling for improved clarity in noisy environments. With a larger touchscreen and user-friendly design, the Mic 2 is a versatile and powerful tool for content creators.

Grab it now directly from DJI, or from Amazon

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CulCharge is the most compact and convenient portable USB charger, the perfect solution for charging your smartphone on the go. The essential EDC item features an integrated keyring that ensures the CulCharge is always with you, so that you can charge your phone or tablet anywhere on the go. Available in USB - lightning (for iPhone) or in USB - MicroUSB (for Android), you´ll never worry about having a charging cable with you again! watch the video Available for ...
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Lambogo Rugged SSD Drive | Image

Lambogo Rugged SSD Drive

Lambogo is a rugged high speed wireless SSD storage drive designed for the wilderness, and can travel to remote internet-free locations where your cloud drive can’t. The compact drive keeps your data safe and sound with just one touch, and has up to 8TB of storage with built-in WIFI that supports most of your devices. With a rugged design, the Lambogo drive is practically waterproof and shock-proof, and comes with a card slot and a single button interface for quic...
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Spot Connect turns your smartphone into a Satellite Communicator! Imagine you´re lost or trapped on one of your adventures, with no cell problem! simply pair your smartphone with SPOT Connect, and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send messages and GPS coordinates from virtually any place on the planet. watch video...
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