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Apptronik Apollo Humanoid Robot

The humanoid robot race is gaining momentum. First Tesla announced their AI-powered humanoid Tesla Bot, now Austin-based firm Apptronik has presented their Apollo Humanoid Robot, a friendly-faced creation designed to hit the workforce. With a height of 5.67 ft (173 cm) and a weight of 160 lb (73 kg), Apollo is a versatile powerhouse designed to make a significant impact in various work settings. Equipped with a swappable battery pack, this robot can run for approximately four hours, effortlessly lifting up to 55 lb (25 kg) payloads.

The era of humanoid robots is rapidly approaching, poised to revolutionize industries and enhance efficiency in ways previously unimaginable. Apptronik CEO and co-founder, Jeff Cardenas, emphasized the significance of humanoid robots in challenging work conditions. Apollo´s mission is to alleviate demanding tasks, providing efficiency and ease to the workforce. Apollo´s versatility shines through various applications like trailer unloading, palletizing, and case picking. By addressing physically demanding tasks, it bridges the gap between technology and human interaction. The robot´s design ensures seamless integration into existing warehouse environments, with the potential to collaborate with other robots. Its modular nature allows for tailored functionalities, making it adaptable to evolving needs. watch the video below

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Biolite HeadLamp 750 | Image

Biolite HeadLamp 750

Biolite have introduced the new HeadLamp 750, a headlamp loaded with smart tech and so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing it. The innovative device is loaded with adventure-friendly features, such as the 3D SlimFit construction, ensuring it stays in place and bounce-free. There is also a 3000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery, offering up to 150 hours of lighting available on low and 7 hours on high, BioLite’s "Constant Mode" for a steady level of brightnes...
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The new Fujifilm Instant Camera combines modern day features with classic design cues. The Instax Mini 40 has a vintage film camera look and produces nostalgic credit card-sized prints with their Instax Mini film. The cool camera also features a retractable 35mm lens and an automatic exposure function for low light environments, a built-in selfie lens, auto shutter speed, plus a built-in flash. Grab it from Amazon or from Adorama ...
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DXO ONE | Image


DxO One is a new must have gadget for the new-age mobile photographers, it turns your iPhone or iPad into a full 1-inch 20MP sensor DSLR! The tiny camera add-on attaches to the iPhones Lightning port and swivels 60-degrees in either direction, letting you shoot shoot RAW photos on your iPhone behind an f/1.8 32mm equivalent lens. The included app turns the iPhone into a large viewfinder with the same manual controls found on a DSLR, like Speed, Aperture Priority, an...
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