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Aleck Punks

Amplify your ride with the first true wireless, near ear audio and comms system built for cyclists! Pump music, take a call on the ride, or chat to friends as a group on Party Mode - even if they are on different trails or riding somewhere else completely! The sleek, compact and featherweight Aleck Punks connect securely to helmet straps, so all the controls are at your fingertips and ears are open to hear traffic or other riders. With crystal clear, unlimited range comms and HiFi audio, the Punks will keep you pumped for more laps and longer rides.

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Thom Sweeney Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
Montegrappa Interior
Carol Bike Interior
Vindome Interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
Wellen Interior
London Sock Interior
Vaultskin Interior
Oxford Hill interior
KEF Mu3 Noise Cancelling Earphones | Image

KEF Mu3 Noise Cancelling Earphones

After capturing our attention with their over-ear headphones, KEF has now introduced a pair of sleek noise cancelling true wireless earphones. Designed in collaboration with visionary artist and industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, the stunning KEF Mu3 Noise Cancelling Earphones are engineered to deliver pure, accurate sound everywhere. Their clever design ensures that they are precisely balanced in the ear with the ideal seal for noise isolation, and each of the ear...
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The new August View Doorbell Camera is another item that aims to enhance security but also availability so you’ll never miss out again on unexpected visits. This doorbell has some cool features such as the possibility of interacting directly with whoever is at your doorstep with sound (for them) and sound and image for you (with high performance video with minimal fisheye distortion and night vision). It is super easy to install and start using, being a modern dev...
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Smart security cameras are nothing new, but this new offering by Deep Sentinel differentiates itself with its LiveSentinel surveillance service that predicts break-ins before they happen. The entire system is designed to deter crime, it pairs artificial intelligence with human intervention. If a suspicious activity is identified, the camera lights up with a strobing red ring, signaling video recording. The video feed is also simultaneously sent to the Surveillance C...
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