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Aleck Nunchucks Audio & Communication

Aleck Nunchucks are the ultimate Bluetooth helmet speakers for mountain enthusiasts. These wireless headphones seamlessly integrate into your helmet, delivering premium sound quality and hands-free group communication. With glove-friendly controls, answering calls or managing your playlist is a breeze, allowing you to stay connected without reaching for your phone. The 40mm titanium drivers ensure optimal acoustics, offering crisp highs and powerful bass. Fine-tune your audio experience with the EQ settings on the Aleck app. Aleck's app offers limitless hands-free group communication over cellular networks. Choose Party Mode for an open channel or standard Push-to-Talk (PTT) for walkie-talkie-like functionality. On stormy days or crowded slopes, utilize the real-time friend location tracking and SkiMaps feature to stay connected with your group.

Grab a pair from Aleck, or from Amazon

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OBSBOT Tail Personal Cameraman

OBSBOT Tail is the world´s first auto-director AI camera, acting as your personal cameraman and director. The sleek camera is designed to give video creators a range of exciting new abilities, through premium hardware, a powerful app and advanced algorithms. Using gesture controls and AI powered features this camera becomes the best assistant on shoot without anyone having to hold it or operate for you. The Obsbot Tail mixes a 4K 60 fps camera with a three-axis mec...
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Take your multitasking to a whole new level with the Mountie clip by Ten One Design. Mountie lets you attach a phone, tablet, or any other mobile device you throw at it, to your laptop, giving you multiple displays to work across. Enjoy eye-level FaceTime video chats, monitor your Twitter feed, iMessage with family, or even host a live recording session with friends from afar. The perfect combination for the Duet Display app....
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