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Van Der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker

The unique Van Der Waals speaker translates sound into visuals using ferrofluid, a weird and wonderful mixture comprising insoluble nanoscale ferromagnetic particles suspended in an oily fluid. The fluid moves with the sound of music under a transparent, curved cover, the vibrations agitate the inky ferrofluid, creating a mesmerizing audio display and a multi-sensory experience. LED lights enhance the effect further. The Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C speaker is housed in a sleek, transparent globe with anodized aluminum, and features 2x15W mid-bass speakers and 2x15W tweeters that produce crisp, clear sound. It comes with a USB-C cable and works well on either its own or in a system of multiple speakers. Watch the video below

van-der-waals-speaker-1.gif | Image

van-der-waals-speaker-2.jpg | Image

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The Azio Foqo, is a sleek keyboard that takes inspiration from a vintage rangefinder camera design. Designed for professionals and creatives, the beautiful keyboard helps increase your productivity by allowing users to programme customizable shortcuts through the central control knob. There are three control knob modes: multimedia, backlight, and macros, you can program your favorite shortcuts to any of those 5 buttons on the control knob. Similar to the robust desi...
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CliniCloud Medical Kit | Image

CliniCloud Medical Kit

CliniCloud is the new connected medical kit that includes a digital stethoscope and a non contact thermometer, combining the data from both devices will allow you to have a better judgment about what´s going on with your health. You can even get a medical consultation from the comfort of your home (they have partnered with Doctor On Demand), sending your physician relevant information that can insure proper diagnosis. It also comes with an app, available for IOS or...
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Developed by an ex-apple designer, Storehouse is a beautifully designed, multi-award winning app that allows you to create a collage, an album, or tell a story and share all of the moments that made the memory. The app features one of the best visual editing interfaces available, allowing you to choose from stunning, intuitive, customizable layouts. Every page is private until you choose how you want to share it. ...
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