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Soundcore Motion X600 Speaker

The Soundcore Motion X600 Portable High Fidelity Speaker is the world´s first portable Bluetooth speaker with spatial audio. Built by Anker Innovations premium audio brand, Soundcore, this compact speaker offers high-quality sound through five drivers, including two woofers, two tweeters, and one upwards-firing driver. With the addition of Soundcores audio algorithm and digital signal processor, the Motion X600 creates a wide and tall soundstage, perfect for enjoying any type of music at home or on the go. Whats more, the Motion X600 is the first Soundcore speaker to accept and decode Hi-Res LDAC sources (Android only). You can customize the sound with a 9-band custom EQ in the Soundcore app, and even pair two of the speakers for an even wider soundstage. The Motion X600 will be available for $199.99 from May 6, but early birds can pre-order it now for just $149.99 on the Soundcore website. Dont miss out on this refined and powerful portable speaker.

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The PocketCell by Innergie is a device that can recharge the battery of your smartphone, tablet or multimedia player, using 3000 mAh. The product uses a multi-connector cable, that has three ports: miniUSB, microUSB and Apple 30-pin. According to Innergie, this portable battery can deliver up to 4.5 hours of autonomy for the iPad, or 15 hours for your phone. ...
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Declutter your desktop with the Sound Stripp. Designed by Workerman, this simple and unobtrusive hook attaches(will not leave a mark when removed) to your monitor and acts as a little holster for your headphones, keeping your workspace clutter free. Sound Stripp attaches to any clean flat surface and is available in either black or white. via...
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Now available for iOS is the stunning game Inside, by the creators of the award-winning puzzle-platform video game Limbo. Everything about this critically acclaimed game just oozes quality, the atmosphere, puzzles and tension are mind-blowing. The game puts players in the role of a young boy in a mysterious, gray world, uncovering all kinds of horrors along the way and filled with platforms, traps and puzzles. We recommend that you play it with your headphones, in o...
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