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Braun Audio LE Series

If you love minimal design then you have surely heard of German industrial design house Braun, a brand known for its seamless integration of modern technology with retro design aesthetics. Now after 28 years away from the scene, Braun Audio is returning with a timeless reinvention of its classic LE speakers from 1959. The new award-winning speakers successfully embody a highly impressive continuation of the designs of the past, and still have the beautiful minimalist look, but have been entirely redesigned both inside and out. This means that all the modern features are along for the ride. The Braun Audio LE Series comprises three loudspeakers that were engineered with state-of-the-art BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) drive units creating a non-directional, panoramic sound stage. In addition, these smart speakers also feature multi-room functionality and stereo pairing, complemented by voice control and Wi-Fi streaming options. The LE series also offers Google Assistant built-in, Chromecast, AirPlay 2 and more. The included Braun Audio app also allows for adjusting room placement EQ settings, and additional manual fine-tuning to deliver preferred levels of bass and treble. watch the video below

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