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V-Moda M-200 ANC Headphones

V-MODA has introduced its first noise-cancelling headphone, the M-200 ANC. The sleek headphones retain the popular and distinctive design of the original with a tech upgrade that includes audiophile-grade sound with noise cancellation technology for a listening experience that can cut out noisy environments. In addition they are also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, support for Qualcomm aptX HD and AAC streaming, as well as Ok Google and EQ customization. And thanks to the accompanying V-MODA app, you can even adjust your level of ANC for your surroundings.

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G Drive ev ATC (All Terrain Case) is the hard drive and case set to get if you need something really rugged, that can withstand harsh conditions. Once the hard-drive is protected inside the ATC, It´s water and shock proof, it even floats in water, keeping your data protected. Featuring storage capacities of up to 1TB, with transfer rates that can go as fast as 136 MB/s and compatible with Mac or Windows, this pack also includes 3.0 USB cables. It’s the perfect de...
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Meet Fuggo Tough, the worlds most rugged and virtually indestructible Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Crafted from fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum, Fugoo Tough is built for the elements and can take whatever the world throws at it, it is snow proof, sand proof, mud proof, dirt proof, shock proof, and waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes. It features speakers on all four sides, delivering a powerful and clean 95dB 360 sound, filling large rooms and outdoor areas...
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Moment Pro Camera App | Image

Moment Pro Camera App

Discover the new Moment Pro Camera App 5.0 - faster, sleeker, and more user-friendly than ever before. Moment has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to enhance the Pro Camera experience, giving it a fresh and polished look. This manual camera app offers pro-level controls at an affordable price, bridging the gap between your smartphone and DSLR or mirrorless camera ...
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