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Sony INZONE Gaming Buds

Sony has made a stylish and impressive entry into the gaming earbuds arena with the Sony INZONE Gaming Buds. These gaming earbuds come packed with features that are sure to enhance your gaming sessions. 

Key features include a remarkable 12-hour battery life, compatibility with a range of devices such as the PS5, mobile devices, and PCs. Thanks to ultra-low latency (less than 30 milliseconds when connected via the USB dongle), you can expect a lag-free gaming experience. Additionally, the earbuds support Bluetooth LE Audio, ensuring a seamless wireless connection.

The INZONE Gaming Buds also offer 360-degree spatial audio, Sound Field Optimization for a personalized listening experience, and active noise cancellation, which is vital for staying immersed in your games. Moreover, an AI-assisted microphone ensures your voice is heard clearly during intense gaming moments.

Designed in collaboration with professional gamers, these earbuds provide precision, and they even offer a minimal-pressure design for increased comfort. The Sony INZONE Gaming Buds also grant you access to essential controls with a simple tap. To top it all off, you can personalize your gaming experience further using the INZONE Hub software.

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