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JBL Tour Pro 2 Earphones

The new JBL Tour Pro 2 earphones are a true wireless marvel that deliver an exceptional sound experience. They feature a unique smart charging case that lets you control the earbuds settings via a touchscreen, manage calls and playback, and set your alarm without taking out your phone. With up to 40 hours of Bluetooth playback and 6-mic crystal call algorithm, you can listen without limits and have better conversations even in loud or windy environments. Equipped with True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology, these earphones also adjust to your surroundings to minimize distractions and optimize performance for a superior audio experience.

With the JBL Headphones app, you can personalize the soundtrack of your life by customizing EQ, adjusting the ANC level or ambient sound control settings, and choosing your preferred voice assistant. The Personi-fi 2.0 feature shapes your audio to match your personal listening profile, providing the exact sound curve that suits you best.

Grab them now directly from JBL, or from Amazon

jbl-tour-pro-2-earphones-2.jpg | Image

jbl-tour-pro-2-earphones-3.jpg | Image

jbl-tour-pro-2-earphones-4.jpg | Image

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