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Logitech Playseat Trophy Gaming Cockpit

The Logitech Playseat Trophy Gaming Cockpit is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking unparalleled racing simulation at home. Featuring an innovative design, this cockpit is perfect for both gaming and racing competitions. The lightweight, high-carbon steel frame, and patented body-conforming Actifit seat technology, offer unparalleled rigidity and durability.

The unique Actifit material conforms to your body to provide the best support possible and dissipate heat, allowing you to race for long periods without discomfort. The open cockpit design allows for free body movement, providing optimal wheel and pedal performance. The fully adjustable seat positioning can be tilted forward and backward, moved up or down, and even reclined with fully adjustable lumbar support.

Racers of any age, shape, and size will feel secure and ready to race, thanks to the ability to adjust the pedal and steering plates to accommodate a wide variety of racing styles. All adjustments are bolted down to ensure rigidity and tolerance-free performance.

The Logitech Playseat Trophy Gaming Cockpit is also designed for easy storage, with a weight of just 37 lbs (17 kg). The cockpit is compatible with the full range of Logitech G Wheel and Pedal gear, offering gamers and racers the most immersive experience.

Overall, this revolutionary design and durable construction of the Playseat Trophy - Logitech G Edition, make it the perfect solution for gamers and racers who seek the ultimate racing experience. So, whether you are a casual gamer or a professional racer, the Playseat Trophy Gaming Cockpit is the best addition to your gaming setup.

The Logitech G PRO Wheel and Pedals sold separately

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