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Leica M10

Exciting stuff, Leica has announced the M10, the slimmest digital in the iconic M-series. The M10 is Leica’s first interchangeable lens digital rangefinder, and sets the new standards for rangefinder photography and state-of-the-art imaging. This is a camera dedicated to photography, it has no video features, all the focus has been placed on imaging performance. It features manual controls for shutter speed, focus, aperture, and ISO value, a first for a digital M. It also has an all-new 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that allows for even high ISO sensitivity range that now goes from 100 to 50,000. There is also Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to quickly and easily transfer your photos from your M10 to mobile devices. Using the Leica M-App, you can directly transfer DNG raw files for on-the-go editing and sharing. You’ll also be able to control your M10 remotely using a smartphone or tablet. 

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Taylor Stitch
Hardlight VR Suit | Image

Hardlight VR Suit

Hardlight is a revolutionary suit that lets you feel the game you are playing. The lightweight VR Suit works with VR and PC games, and features several positional haptics sensors and vibration nodes that let the user feel the thrill of every explosion, gunshot, and sword fight in VR. Each muscle group gets its own haptic zone, for your chest, abdomen, shoulders, and arms, allowing you to feel when you’ve been hit, shot, knocked, or touched. The Hardlight Suit is the...
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Free yourself from laptop neck pain with the Roost, an innovative and ergonomically friendly stand developed in order to provide us with more comfort by adjusting the height placement of our laptop. One of its greatest features is its lightness and user friendliness, at just 5.8 ounces and a very compact size of just 1”x1”x13” you can literally take it anywhere with you without ever noticing the extra weight or space it takes. In terms of the Roost being user friend...
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Wake is an original iPhone alarm app created by the company Tiny Hearts. The user interface is gorgeous and highly intuitive, it has the particularity of using gestures to control the application. According to the mode you choose, you can snooze the alarm via a small pat on the screen (if in morning mood slap), turn the alarm off by flipping your phone or shake to wake. It is also possible to set the alarm choosing from 3 difficulty settings in shake mode…perfect fo...
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