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Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition

Insta360, a company that makes 360-degree video recording accessible to the masses, is back with the impressive action camera co-engineered with Leica. The Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is one of the most comprehensive and versatile cameras on the market. The modular camera can shoot 360 videos at up to 6K resolution and take 21MP stills, and comes with FlowState stabilisation, horizon levelling, AI subject tracking and timelapse, and star lapse modes. With an interchangeable lens design, it is ultra-versatile and upgradeable too. watch the video below

Grab one directly from Insta360, or from Amazon

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GoPro Hero5 | Image

GoPro Hero5

Here it is folks, the new GoPro Hero 5! The world´s most popular action camera now has voice control for hands-free recording, a 2-Inch touch display to preview and play back your shots, change settings and trim your footage, one-button control (a single press of the shutter button powers the camera on and starts recording automatically), advanced video stabilization, active noise cancelation built in, and is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing! Definitely a...
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Smart Remote by Sevenhugs, is a device that´s been developed to make our lives easier. As we grow more and more dependent on tech, we also increase the number of remotes that come with each device, this only contributes to clutter and stress when desperately searching for the damn thing… Smart Remote is an adaptable remote, that’s to say that its proprietary hardware and software learns the device that you’re pointing to and adapts the signal, thus enabling y...
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Garmin Speak is a new driving assistant, it features a GPS that will get you everywhere you need to go, on a small screen, with big comprehensive imagery and spoken instructions. But what really sets it apart and makes it interesting is the fact that it gets you in contact with Amazon’s assistant Alexa thus enabling you to use it in a much more diverse and rich way. Its technical specs enable it to integrate with your car´s stereo so you may listen to your favori...
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