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Spacetop AR Laptop

The Spacetop AR Laptop by Sightful is a groundbreaking device that revolutionizes human-computer interaction. This screen-less "augmented reality laptop" projects tabs onto a virtual 100-inch screen, providing a unique computing experience. Equipped with tailored NReal glasses, the Spacetop creates a personalized display visible only to the user. Powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor, Adreno 650 GPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage, this compact device offers powerful performance comparable to high-end smartphones. It weighs just 3.3 pounds and measures 1.57 inches high, 10.47 inches wide, and 8.8 inches deep.

Sightful aims to cater to the evolving work-from-home and remote work trends with this innovative product. By combining the versatility of augmented reality with the convenience of a laptop, they offer a paradigm shift in computing. Experience the freedom of a clutter-free workspace, improved ergonomics, and the ability to work from anywhere. watch the video below

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Kardia Mobile EKG | Image

Kardia Mobile EKG

The Kardia Mobile EKG is a new device developed by the AliveCor team, it aims to bring you professional level EKG to your home and at the tip of your fingers. Easily detect atrial fibrillation early on and prevent a potential heart attack or stroke which, as we all know, are one of the main causes of death or incapacity. Along with the fingertip electrode tracker you also get the mandatory app that will analyze, interpret and record all of your he...
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Ploota is the helmet for watersports, a revolutionary neck-worn device that blows up to save you in the ocean. The smart safety device automatically detects an emergency situation and releases two inflatable cushions to bring its user up to the surface. And unlike some similar devices, it keeps them floating in a head-up position. Even if the user is unconscious, they should still end up floating face-up, for up to a claimed six hours if necessary. It can also be ac...
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If you are concerned about the quality of air you breathe indoors, the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is a must-have device for your smart home. With Alexa compatibility and the ability to track 5 key indoor air metrics, this compact and stylish device is designed to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable. Measuring just 65 x 65 x 45mm and weighing only 120g, the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is small enough to fit in any living space, ye...
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