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Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

Samsungs latest gaming monitor, the Odyssey OLED G9, is now available for pre-order, and it is a beast. With a massive 49-inch curved display, this monitor boasts the industrys first 1800R OLED display with Dual Quad High Definition (5120 x 1440) resolution at a 32:9 aspect ratio. It is a visual powerhouse.

Gamers will appreciate the super-quick 240Hz refresh rate and a lightning-fast 0.03-ms response time, ensuring smooth and lag-free gameplay. The Neo Quantum Processor Pro powers the display, offering AI-based image upscaling and vibrant colors with DisplayHDR True Black 400.

The G9 also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and VESA Adaptive Sync for tear-free gaming. It features Smart TV apps for streaming entertainment, including Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now. The monitor is equipped with HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, and a triple-port USB hub for connectivity convenience.

Priced at $2,199, Samsung is sweetening the deal with a $250 credit during the pre-order period. If youre looking for an immersive gaming experience with unmatched visuals, the Odyssey OLED G9 is a top contender.

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