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NuPhy Field75 Gaming Keyboard

The awesome NuPhy Field75 Gaming Keyboard is a wireless mechanical keyboard designed to revolutionize your gaming experience. Created in collaboration with AKIRA40K from CIY Studio, this keyboard breaks free from the mundane and brings back the true spirit of gaming. The Field75 offers exceptional performance with its 2.4G wireless technology and full support for Bluetooth 5.0. It allows up to 4 concurrent device connections with on-the-fly switching, making it a versatile companion for both gaming and efficient work.

With its 75% layout and unique dieselpunk elements, including a metal handlebar and volume control knob, the Field75 exudes a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The RGB lights shining through the portholes at the bottom add to the immersive experience, transporting you to a time when keyboards were a symbol of adventure. Customization is made easy with the gear-shaped knob, allowing you to access 10 built-in lighting effects and explore infinite color options using the NuPhy console. Choose from four captivating color schemes, including the traditional electro and three space-themed options: Gravity, Ethereal, and Noether. watch the video below

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Grovemade HomePod Stand | Image

Grovemade HomePod Stand

Apple’s HomePod is a stunning piece of tech, but it has been criticized for leaving unsightly white oil marks on naturally finished wooden furniture, assumed to be caused by the silicone base and the wood oils interacting. Although Apple claims that the eerie white ring eventually goes away, some consumers are not convinced. Grovemade saw a problem and jumped to the occasion to solve it, and after several days of design, prototypes, revisions and production, the s...
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If you´re looking for a wireless speaker that uses the newest AirPlay technology from Apple, the iTeufel Air by Teufel Audio might be a good choice. The speaker combines sleek, modern design with excellent sound quality, another notable feature is that the speaker consumes very little energy. And, as we mentioned, it uses AirPlay technology, allowing you to use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or iTunes on your Mac/PC for wireless music or playing videos....
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The iPhone comes with a pretty good camera, but with the Lens Dial you can give it a huge upgrade. It boasts three optical-quality coated glass lenses: Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Telephoto. The case itself is made of slim aircraft-grade aluminum adding 280 grams to the iPhone (compatible with models 4 and 4S). It has two tripod mounts, a vertical for portraits and a horizontal for landscape shots. source...
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