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Azio Fokal Keyboard

Azio, the company that brought you the Retro Classic Keyboard, is introducing a stylish, more futuristic follow. They have introduced a new wireless mechanical keyboard with a control knob - the Azio Fokal, a sleek keyboard that takes inspiration from a vintage rangefinder camera design. The unique keyboard is built using aluminum and leather, and features a multi-function control knob that both spins and works like a joystick for ultimate efficiency. This gives users the ultimate freedom of use and customization, you can use the seven-way control knob to control for volume, light brightness, or any other two-way commands. The middle section of the control knob also contains a button for control mode change, and the third function of the control knob serves as a joystick with 360-degree control. It also has 81 Gateron switches, and customizable RGB backlighting. The keyboard comes in two pieces, the central unit and the 21-key numeric keypad. The two pieces can work together or separately. watch the video below

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There are many fitness tracking apps in the crowded fitness space, but none as beautiful and simple as Human. Most fitness apps are full of stats and reports, Human is extremely simple and easy to keep up with. In a more and more sedentary world, the app gives you a daily aim, the "Daily 30", the goal is to move 30 minutes or more everyday. Human keeps track of all your activity, focusing on how many minutes you moved today and how many minutes you need to move. It ...
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From IK Multimedia comes this new digital stereo microphone that allows you to record with high quality the sound that´s surrounding you using your iPhone or iPad. Designed for either audio or video applications, you can be sure that this mic will get the sound you hear, and want to hear after recording. Using the app that comes with it, iRig Mic Field is the easiest way to record, edit and process professional sound using an Apple device. It´s light and pocket si...
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Biolite CampStove 2 | Image

Biolite CampStove 2

Biolite have upgraded their popular CampStove! The Biolite CampStove 2 pushes the award-winning design even further, it now features 50% more power, an integrated battery, and an updated LED dashboard. As with its predecessor, CampStove 2 features a thermoelectric system, and when burning wood it creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes. No batteries required, gasoline or any other energy source. The excess energy generat...
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