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Scio MagSafe Camera Lens

Before you get to excited, this is still in concept stage. Yes, what a shame. Designed by Vladimir Fer, SCIO is a mirrorless lens that simply attaches to your iPhone via MagSafe, and with an app that pairs with the lens module via Bluetooth to directly stream image/video to the iPhone. The idea is to offer smartphone photographers a variety of high-end tools for taking quality photographs when you want to really take a photo rather than a quick snapshot. The modular magnetic pro camera system brings traditional mirrorless/DSLR-style photography to the iPhone, allowing you to manually adjust your camera’s settings, like its focus, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. Although the SCIO lens can directly be attached to the back of the iPhone, it is best paired with a companion case that comes with a better grip and a physical shutter button.

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Nomos Glashutte Interior
Montegrappa Interior
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Oxford Hill interior


Wazer is the first desktop waterjet that cuts any hard or soft material with digital precision, using a high-pressure stream of water. And at less than $5,000, it’s accessible to individuals, small businesses and educational institutions (unlike traditional waterjet cutters that cost upwards of $100,000). Simply upload a standard drawing .svg or .dxf file, place the material (hard or soft) on the cutting platform, set the height of the cutting jet, hook up the wat...
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Chances of recovering a stolen vehicle are close to none if authorities are not notified in the first 24 hours. CarLock is a new security system that lets you monitor your car via your mobile phone. It consists of a small device connected to your car(plugs directly into the car diagnostic port), and using remote GPS technology, CarLock lets you keep track of the location and movements of your car from a mobile device. CarLock is compatible with most smart...
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Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk | Image

Logitech Casa Pop-Up Desk

Logitech introduces the Casa Pop-Up Desk, an ideal solution for work from home or on-the-go needs. Encased in a sleek fabric case, this portable workstation unfolds to reveal a laptop stand supporting devices up to 17-inches. The kit includes a wireless Casa Keys keyboard with a remarkable five-month battery life and a Casa Touch trackpad lasting up to three weeks. After use, everything neatly packs flat into a portfolio for convenient storage in your bag. Designed ...
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