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Punkt MC02 Secure Smart Phone

Punkt. introduces the MC02, a privacy-focused smartphone challenging the conventional approach. With a minimalist interface powered by the Apostrophy operating system, it guarantees enhanced privacy protection. Offering a distraction-free experience, the MC02 features Apostrophy services for secure communication and task management. The built-in Digital Nomad VPN ensures safe browsing, shielding internet history. Equipped with a 6.67" display, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, three rear cameras, 24MP front camera, USB-C, wireless charging, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6, it's a mid-range powerhouse. Transparent in design and function, Punkt. prioritizes user data sovereignty, providing a secure and intentional mobile experience with a reduced environmental footprint. The MC02 embraces an ethical and informed tech approach, setting new standards for mindful smartphone usage.

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AEON GoPro Stabilizer aims to improve GoPro footage stability wise. Nowadays, when shooting with a GoPro, the most insignificant twitch or jitter, compromises your capture´s quality, making your audience question your direction quality…AEON GoPro stabilizer helps you get the stability you need and more, it´s not just a stabilization device, you also get a joystick, to keep your target in focus, a 2 inch circular LCD screen for previewing live footage, a battery ...
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Gamers rejoice! Razer has announced a new headset that converts audio signals into natural, lifelike sensations to mimic in-game events, taking your gaming audio experience to levels you have not experienced before. Designed for deep gaming immersion, the Razer Kraken V3 Hypersense uses a revolutionary technology that effectively allows you to feel what you hear in-game. From rumbling explosions to whizzing bullets or crashing cars, you will have the ability to feel...
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Sony A7R IV | Image

Sony A7R IV

Sony´s impressive new A7R IV packs a massive 61-megapixel sensor! The full-frame mirrorless camera also boats a burst speed of up to 10fps, and a reported 15 stops of dynamic range.  It also features a wide autofocus range with 567 focal-plane phase-detection AF points, a wide standard 100-32000 ISO range, an APS-C crop mode that captures images at 26.2-megapixels, a high-resolution 5.76 million-dot OLED EVF, dual SD slots with UHS-II support, 4K video capabil...
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