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Obsbot Me Auto-Tracking Phone Mount

The Obsbot Me Auto-Tracking Phone Mount is a foldable AI-powered mount that effortlessly follows your every move. With a simple hand gesture or the press of a button, Obsbot Me initiates or cancels auto-tracking, ensuring you never miss a moment. Skip the hassle of downloading apps or connecting Bluetooth, Obsbot Me is ready for live broadcasting on your preferred apps instantly.

Powered by advanced neural networks, Obsbot Me delivers stable and smooth AI tracking, always keeping you at the center of the frame. The built-in wide-angle camera and AI image processor eliminate the need for additional apps or Bluetooth connections. Enjoy ultimate flexibility with its universal joint and rotatable holder, easily adjusting the shooting angle.

Compact and pocket-friendly, Obsbot Me ensures you capture life's best moments effortlessly. With a brushless motor, it guarantees a swift start, ensuring you stay in the frame at all times.

Grab one directly from Obsbot, or from Amazon

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Vindome Interior
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Razer has introduced an all-in-one mixer for podcasters and streamers. Designed to help make you sound and look better, the Razer Audio Mixer offers four channels of audio control along with a variety of audio processing options. There are also mute buttons for each channel and a separate button to mute the microphone. Holding down the microphone button allows you to activate voice effects, and a bleep button lets you censor your filthy language. Grab one now dir...
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Bose have recently updated their popular SoundLink Mini speaker, the new version SoundLink Mini II keeps everything good about the original in addition to stepping up and improving the weak spots. Some of the solid upgrades include a longer battery life (10hr), a speakerphone has been added, possibility of USB charging, and a slightly refined design. Learn more from Bose, or purchase now from Amazon  Available for purchase in Europe here...
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Eero Home WiFi System | Image

Eero Home WiFi System

The Eero Home WiFi System is a new version that’s twice as fast as the previous one and that will still get high speed Wi-Fi signal all throughout your house in a simple and secure way. Its proprietary software is constantly updated to keep new threats away, plus you get Gigabyte speeds for sure, if provided by your operator, obviously. Parental control is also available so you may manage your kids´ activity. The device still needs an operator and a router but it...
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