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Nomad Magnetic Leather Back

Nomad introduces the Magnetic Leather Back, offering an ultra-slim layer of protection for the iPhone 15. Perfect for those who prefer a case-free experience but desire a touch of customization, this sleek leather back attaches seamlessly via MagSafe and microsuction. Compatible with both MagSafe and wireless charging, it comes in brown or black, crafted from Horween leather with a protective ring for the camera array. Precision-cut for a snug fit, the Magnetic Leather Back preserves the iPhone's form factor while adding a sophisticated leather aesthetic. Sourced from the renowned Horween Leather Company, the leather develops a unique lustrous finish over time. Integrated neodymium magnets enable fast charging and ensure full MagSafe compatibility.

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SuperBase Pro Charging Station | Image

SuperBase Pro Charging Station

The impressive SuperBase Pro Charging Station recharges to 80% in only 1 hour via AC or solar, and has enough juice to power everything. The mighty power house has 2,000 watts of power and 14 output ports, and can be recharged 6 different ways, including solar or your vehicle’s battery. The powerful device also has built-in 4G connectivity for your IoT needs, and you can use the connected app to manage it with ease. It is even compatible with heavy-duty appliances...
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Flextail, renowned for its innovative and ultralight camping gear, has unveiled this compact marvel that combines a mosquito repellent, adjustable camping lantern, and power bank, setting a new standard in outdoor mosquito protection. Flextail Tiny Repel is the ultimate solution for keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay while enjoying the great outdoors. This groundbreaking device boasts three patented technologies, making it a pioneer in outdoor mosquito repel...
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When you’re traveling in a foreign country, you’ll often find yourself needing to figure out how much something costs in your home currency. With most currency converters you need to choose the currency, punch in the precise value you want to convert and hit enter to get a result. Elk is a new app that makes converting currencies fast and intuitive, by first determining the proper currency based on your exact location and then displaying common value points in a...
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