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Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens

The Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens with Gold Flare is the ultimate accessory for mobile filmmakers. With an aspect ratio inspired by the iconic 1.5x Iscorama 54, this lens produces a subtle blue flare combined with a gorgeous yellow/gold flare that creates a vibrant cinematic look. Whether you are shooting indoors or during golden hour, the ultra-wide format will take your videos to the next level.

Anamorphic lenses are essential for filmmakers looking to capture truly cinematic footage. The Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens takes your phone footage to the next level, turning it into a wider aspect ratio at the same focal length. This means you can capture more of the scene in a single frame, giving your videos a truly cinematic look.

In addition to wider scenes, anamorphic lenses also produce unique bokeh. With increased sharpness and depth of field, the background blur is more attractive and appealing to the eye. This is thanks to the lenss ability to capture more light, allowing for greater depth of field and sharper images.

But the real magic of the Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens is in the classic Hollywood flares it produces. These juicy lens flares are not achievable with regular lenses, giving creators the ability to create a more dreamlike, artistic look for their shots. With the subtle blue and gorgeous yellow/gold flares, this lens creates rich tones and golden flares that will make your videos pop.

Whether you are a professional filmmaker or just starting out, the Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens with Gold Flare is a must-have accessory for your mobile filmmaking kit. Its the perfect way to take your videos to the next level and create truly cinematic footage. Get your hands on the Moment 1.55x Anamorphic Lens today and start creating stunning, cinematic videos.

You can pre-order now for $119 (20% off sale price ends in 5 days) instead of $149

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