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Iphone Leather Arc Cover | By Evouni

We love simplicity an a good functional design, so, when we came across this stylish case from Evouni we had to feature it. The Leather Arc Cover for iPhone 4 and 4s is a case that exceeds the ordinary functionality and craftsmanship. It is hand-crafted with top quality Italian calfskin leather. The cover forms simplistic shapes creating a stand for your phone.

evouni-iphone-leather-arc-cover-2.jpg | Image

evouni-iphone-leather-arc-cover-3.jpg | Image

evouni-iphone-leather-arc-cover-4.jpg | Image

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Panasonic LUMIX S9 | Image

Panasonic LUMIX S9

The Panasonic LUMIX S9 is the smallest and lightest full-frame mirrorless camera in the LUMIX S Series, ideal for content creators on the move. This compact powerhouse features a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor, delivering rich detail and natural tones. Weighing just 403g, it's perfect for portability. The LUMIX S9 excels in color grading with Look-Up Tables (LUTs), a REAL TIME LUT Function, and a customizable LUT button. Its advanced phase detection autofocus en...
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Sometime ago we featured the creative work of Antonio DeRosa, the iCam, a very good looking camera concept. Antonio has come up with another genius design, the iWatch2, a concept for the long awaited iWatch. The visionary concept features 32GB memory, wiFi and bluetooth connections to the iPhone/iPad, face camera, and an LCD projector. Let´s hope that Apple picks up on this concept.   ...
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Photographers rejoice, this handy gadget keeps your camera gear free of its main enemy - dust. The Blowerbaby Camera Cleaner by Nitecore can blast air at 43.5 mph (70 kmh) to get to that dust or dirt that found its way onto a lens or into its inner workings. It also works with your other  gadgets such as keyboards and more. The kit includes lens and body cleaning brushes, and it can run for more than 15 minutes of continuous use before you need to attach a USB-...
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