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Dango iPhone Adapt Case

This rugged iPhone case strikes the perfect balance between strength and agility, offering robust protection and adaptability for any situation. This multi-piece design consists of two main components: a slim MagSafe compatible interior casing for added protection, enclosed by a CNC machined rigid outer frame. The Dango iPhone Adapt Case features 6061 aluminum for its lightweight yet sturdy properties, paired with ULTEM, a heat-resistant and rigid resin, resulting in an ideal strength-to-weight ratio and a sleek, modern style. The versatile item transforms two cases in one: a super sleek and minimal case with its ultra-thin polypropylene membrane and a robust and rugged case with its exoskeleton frame.

As the name suggests, the "Adapt" case allows for quick changes to suit your needs. You can remove the inner resin-and-aluminum rail system for a slimmer and lighter carry. When extra resilience is required, add the frame, and rest assured that your phone is fully protected. The stainless steel knurled screw and mil-spec bolts make assembly and disassembly of the frame a breeze. Last but not least, the case comes with two holes that enable easy connection to your key ring, lanyard, or tether for hands-free carry, making it the ultimate companion for your everyday adventures.

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