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Bitplay Wander Case for iPhone 14 Series

Bitplay have updated their popular Wander Case for the iPhone 14. The new case features a sleek design and military-grade protection, allowing you to experience extraordinary adventures with style and ease.

The case features a clear, anti-scratch backplate, an ultra-slim and light-weight design, and boasts a unique attachment connector so you can easily fasten Bitplay’s straps and accessories when you are on the move, giving you peace of mind while capturing photos and videos on your adventures, whether you are on a chairlift, whale watching, zip-lining or rock climbing.

Combining urban style and outdoor functionality, the robust case now has a brand new feature: a one-of-a-kind Quick-Release Clip that lets you easily fasten bitplay’s straps and accessories when you’re on the move. With the safety buckle, the Quick-Release Clip secures your device and prevents it from falling.

There is also a Strap Adapter included in the new Strap Collection: Compatible with most phone cases (iPhone / Android), the Strap Adapter lets you secure your devices with bitplay’s straps and accessories.

Grab the Wander Case directly from Bitplay (use discount code: blessthisstuff for 10% off at checkout), or from Amazon


Our thanks to Bitplay for sponsoring the site this week. The post was written by the BTS team and not influenced in any way.

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