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Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro

Belkin introduces the groundbreaking Auto-Tracking Stand Pro, a wireless charging dock revolutionizing your iPhone experience. Leveraging Apple's DockKit framework, this innovative stand connects directly to your iPhone 12 or newer without requiring additional apps. The Stand Pro boasts motorization, allowing 360-degree swiveling and 90-degree tilting for optimal tracking. Ideal for FaceTime, video conferencing, and livestreaming, it automatically follows your movements, ensuring you stay in frame effortlessly. With 15W wireless fast charging support, it keeps your device powered while providing the flexibility of a 5-hour battery operation. For convenience, a simple button deactivates tracking, and an LED indicates its status. Elevate your hands-free experience with the ultimate companion for dynamic content creation and video communication. watch the video below

belkin-auto-tracking-stand-pro-2.jpeg | Image

belkin-auto-tracking-stand-pro-3.jpeg | Image

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Some time ago we did a feature on the "Cobra Tag", a sensor you can attach to your keys, purse, computer bag, or any other item you want to protect from loss. It was developed by Phone Halo. Now the company have a new project, the Wallet TrackR. The Wallet TrackR is a small device the size of a credit card that keeps you from losing your wallet. All you have to do is place the device in your wallet and connect it to your smartphone via a free app. The Wallet TrackR ...
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Fractal PC Gaming Case | Image

Fractal PC Gaming Case

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2023, this gaming case reimagines the traditional PC with natural materials and bespoke details. The North PC Gaming Case is a revolutionary design that brings style and functionality to your gaming setup. Available with a mesh or tempered glass side panel, the North case ensures optimal airflow performance with two 140mm fans. On the exterior, the combination of wood and metal creates a sleek mid-century aesthetic, ele...
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Ultraloq is a new high tech door lock that has some really cool features designed to make your life easier. Ultraloq enables you to unlock the doors you set it on through different possibilities, with a fingerprint scan, using just a finger you can use your fingerprint as a key, enabling you to program up to 95 different users or set on a more conventional 4 digit access code using the included numerical touchscreen and the mandatory mechanical backup keys just in c...
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