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SurfEars 3.0

If you spend a lot of time in the water surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, jet skiing, kitesurfing, or doing any other water activity, protecting your ears is essential to avoid "Surfers ear” a common problem where the ear canal is actually blocked by this condition. The problem with most traditional earplugs is that they affect your hearing. SurfEars are without a doubt one of the most revolutionary products in the industry, they are light, easy to use, always stay in and you can still hear your friends while in and out of the water! SurfEars 3.0 are the company´s newest release, with improved design and comfort. The groundbreaking ear protectors come with three pairs of sealing gels in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears, as well as a leash system so you don´t lose your precious plugs to the surf, and a storage case.

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Tropicfeel Interior
Carol Bike Interior
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Rains Interior


For all skateboarding enthusiasts, and not only, we present you the revolutionary Freerider SkateCycle. It features 9-inch wheels, weighs 3.2 kg, has a folding system, is made from solid aluminum and has two straps to prevent slipping. The wheels are linked by a double axle articulation, allowing you to twist your body and give the direction you desire....
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PowerSki Jetboard is an innovative motorized surfboard that combines the sports of wakeboarding and surfing. Each surfboard features a low profile 45 HP engine that propels the rider at an insane speed of up to 40 mph....
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Ethimo Out-Fit Gym | Image

Ethimo Out-Fit Gym

Designed by the renowned architecture firm Studio Adolini in collaboration with Ethimo, a leading garden furniture brand, this innovative outdoor gym brings together nature, design, and functionality to create a unique fitness experience like no other. Crafted with a stainless steel frame and teak flooring and roofing, the Out-Fit Gym boasts a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly integrates into any outdoor space, from terraces to garden...
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