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K2 BOA Fit System Ski Boots

One the main advantages snowboard boots have had over ski boots is undoubtedly the ease of fastening, mainly thanks to the BOA system, a simple dial that is used to tighten or loosen the boot. Well, the practical system has now been applied to ski boots!

If you are a skier looking for the perfect balance of comfort and performance, look no further than the K2 BOA Fit System Ski Boots. These innovative ski boots are designed with advanced technology to provide skiers with a custom fit, superior comfort, and unrivaled control on the slopes.

The BOA Fit System is a unique fastening system that allows skiers to adjust the fit of their boots with a simple twist of a dial. The BOA Fit System eliminates the need for traditional systems, which can be time-consuming and difficult to adjust on the go. With the BOA Fit System, skiers can quickly and easily fine-tune their fit for maximum comfort and performance.

In conclusion, the K2 BOA Fit System Ski Boots are the ultimate solution for skiers who want the perfect balance of comfort and performance. With the BOA Fit System, you can easily adjust the fit of your boots for maximum comfort and control on the slopes. Experience the ultimate in skiing comfort and performance!

Grab a pair directly from K2Snow, or from EVO



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