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Speediance Gym Pal

Experience dynamic and versatile training at with the Gym Pal, a home fitness system that provides a comprehensive workout for all fitness levels. With an impressive maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs and adjustable increments as small as 1 lb, the Gym Pal offers unparalleled flexibility in tailoring your resistance levels. This unique feature allows for independent weight control on each side, ensuring a stable and precise resistance output during your workouts.

Powered by a high-voltage dual motors system, the Gym Pal boasts prompt responsiveness and eliminates resistance errors, providing you with a seamless and effective training experience. The package includes essential accessories such as handles, Bluetooth Ring, Ankle Straps, Tricep Rope, Adjustable Barbell, and an Adjustable Bench - everything you need for a complete and effective workout session.

The Gym Pal also provides access to over 100 professional training programs and round-the-clock online private coaching, and introduces a social aspect to your workouts, allowing you to partner with fellow fitness enthusiasts, boosting motivation, and collectively achieving your fitness goals.

Grab one now directly from Speediance, or from Amazon

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Ethimo Out-Fit Gym

Designed by the renowned architecture firm Studio Adolini in collaboration with Ethimo, a leading garden furniture brand, this innovative outdoor gym brings together nature, design, and functionality to create a unique fitness experience like no other. Crafted with a stainless steel frame and teak flooring and roofing, the Out-Fit Gym boasts a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly integrates into any outdoor space, from terraces to garden...
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Another interesting project from crowdsourcing site Kickstarter, the "Stair-Rover" is a longboard unlike any other. It´s main feature? a unique eight-wheeled mechanism that allows the board to glide down steps! On normal flat ground the board rides the same as any traditional longboard, but on uneven ground the innovative chassis goes to work. watch the video of the board in action...
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