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Onnit Primal Kettlebells

These awesome kettlebells won´t make you as strong as a gorilla, but they will inspire a strength in you previously thought to be mythical. Fitness company Onnit has created a collection of unique Primal Kettlebells. The kettlebells come in rather realistic sculpted cast-iron, shaped like well known primates, and are built to awaken your primal nature and produce a savage workout. The fully-functional, perfectly balanced kettlebells are forged from chip resistant iron and with enlarged handles for enhanced grip strength, and are modeled using the heads of Bigfoot (90 pounds), Gorilla (72 pounds), Orangutan (54 pounds), chimp (36 pounds) and a Howler (18 pounds).

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Reskate is a project from Barcelona, it was born with the intention of rescuing that skateboard you abandoned behind in your teens, the board that didn resist your last trick or the board that is rotting in your balcony. Reskate restores your old skateboard into a brand new mini long, they recollect your board and deliver it to an acclaimed illustrator. You will get get a limited and unrepeatable edition! ...
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An alarming number of skiers assume that ski boots hurt, period. Most models tend to suffocate your feet and feel uncomfortable, especially when you’re not on the slopes. Bootmaker Dahu is entering the North American market later this year with a revolutionary ski boot. The Ecorce 01 is built of high-performance composites, Italian leather, and aircraft-grade aluminum. It is composed of a lace-up liner boot that is waterproof with rubber soles and PrimaLoft insula...
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Take your running or cycling to the next level with the Forerunner 305 GPS receiver with heart rate monitor. The Forerunner 305 is a personal training assistant with integrated GPS that provides accurate information to athletes on speed, distance and pace of training. A wireless heart rate monitor enables the user to continuously monitor physical effort. Includes training center software, which allows users to download workout data for a detailed analysis and provid...
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