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JaxJox DumbbellConnect

DumbbellConnect is the dumbbell reimagined, a weightlifting tool that is not only smart but also saves you time and space. Individual dumbbells are great for symmetric muscle building and toning, but cost and rack space are big hurdles to overcome. This smart workout device combines 16 different weights in 2 adjustable dumbbells, and can change from 8 to 50 pounds in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button! The digital dumbbell set also connects to an app for real-time metrics that include reps, weight, sets, time, avg power, and total volume.

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Emil Boards is a recent startup from Munich, Germany, they make square skateboards inspired by the movie "Back to the Future”. The boards tackle the path back to basics, referring to the first days of skateboarding history, they are as pure as possible, with no convex, no concave, no rocker, and no camber, simply a square shape board made from high quality layered maple wood and fixed to modern trucks and wheels. Emil boards combine skateboarding with surfing, wit...
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Created and designed by Martin Sula, a Formula 1 engineer from the Czech Republic, Jetsurf  is a jet propelled surfboard; it is a cross between a surf board and a jet-ski and is capable of speeds up to 40mph(58km/h) and has a range of up to 45 miles(75km) or 1.5 hours on a full tank. The carbon fibre craft is packed with a two-stroke 100cc engine and a miniature water jet. An electronic leash which is attached to the surfers wrist acts as both a throttle and an...
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If you are a keen skier, you will know for sure that the single most annoying aspect of owning skis is carrying them, and they are even harder to take on a plane. Not to mention those oversize baggage queues. Elan, an innovative Slovenian ski company, has tackled this problem with the introduction of the world´s first folding all-mountain skis! The game-changing Elan Voyager Folding Skis feature an innovative Connect Tech design that allows the skis to fold down to...
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