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Form Smart Swim 2 Goggles

Designed to revolutionize your swim experience, the Form Smart Swim 2 Goggles offer a range of advanced features that cater to swimmers of all levels. At the core of the Smart Swim 2 is its augmented reality display, providing real-time metrics and feedback as you swim. With Waveguide optics technology and onboard sensors, you'll have access to guided workouts and unparalleled swim coaching right before your eyes.

Another standout feature of the Smart Swim 2 is its integrated heart rate monitor. Located in the temple, this sensor delivers accurate heart rate data even underwater, allowing for heart rate-based training and monitoring. For open water swimmers, the inclusion of SwimStraight is a game-changer. This digital compass feature helps you maintain a straight swim path, enhancing your efficiency and focus in the water.

Form has also introduced updates to its HeadCoach digital coaching technology, providing swimmers with real-time technique feedback and personalized workouts. With machine-learning algorithms, HeadCoach constantly evaluates your performance to tailor workouts for maximum improvement.

As a bonus, every purchase of the Smart Swim 2 includes a free two-month trial of Form Premium, offering access to additional workouts, training plans, and features. watch the video below

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