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Clomp Muscle Oxygen Monitor

Unlike anything you've seen before, CLOMP measures your muscle oxygen levels, providing precise insights to optimize your workouts and performance. CLOMP's cutting-edge technology employs medical-grade SmO2 sensors, ensuring lab-quality results without the hassle of blood tests or expensive lab visits. It calculates your lactate threshold, the point where fatigue sets in, by monitoring oxygen levels in your muscles during exercise. It tracks how much oxygen your muscles consume, at what pace, time, and distance, offering a deep understanding of your body's performance.

Whether you're a professional athlete or just starting your fitness journey, CLOMP offers tailored workout plans based on your unique analytics. With 16 different workout goals, you'll find the perfect regimen to achieve your fitness objectives.

For coaches and teams, CLOMP is a game-changer. It assesses individual athlete performance, helps in injury prevention, and guides training strategies to reach peak potential. CLOMP's user-friendly app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, grants access to your muscle oxygen data, workout results, and progress. It seamlessly integrates with other sports devices like smartwatches, ensuring you receive the most accurate fitness data. Watch the video below

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Huckberry Gift Guide
Nomos Glashutte Interior
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On today┬┤s roundup of gift ideas, we bring you a list of some of our favorite picks from our "snow" section. We have picked some uber cool equipment for protection, communication or simply having fun on the slopes. Stay tuned for more gift ideas. Check out some more photos and product details after the jump......
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Brabus x Jobe Adventure SUP | Image

Brabus x Jobe Adventure SUP

Brabus are renown for transforming production cars and trucks into powerhouses. This time around they have applied their magic on a SUP board. Joining forces with watersports experts Jobe, they have created a board for the ultimate summer adventure on the water. The Brabus x Jobe Adventure SUP is a limited-edition board that boasts a custom carbon layup in the rail, providing excellent layer quality and safety. The unique stitching construction ensures maximum stiff...
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GoldCoast Skateboards is a Salt Lake City and California based company specializing in longboards, cruisers and transition skateboards. Their boards are made from Bamboo and provide toughness, elasticity, feel and response, they are cold pressed and precision cut to perfection. They feature some very cool designs and shapes and are great for both casual cruising and hill bombing. You can get them from the Goldcoast website or from amazon....
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