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Lego Land Rover Classic Defender 90

Lego and Land Rover enthusiasts alike will be excited to hear about the latest Lego Icons set: a Land Rover Classic Defender 90. The set comes with an impressive 2,336 pieces, and is a faithful interpretation of the original 1983 model. Builders will enjoy the intricate details, such as functioning steering, working suspension, and accurate interior details. Plus, the set includes accessories to customize your off-road adventure, like an extra tire, a winch, gas cans, jumper cables, and more. This year’s edition comes in a light green color to commemorate Land Rovers 75th anniversary, and is only available at Jaguar Land Rover retailers and on Legos online shop. Once completed, the model measures over a foot long and is sure to be a standout in any collection.

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land-rover-classic-defender-90-3.jpg | Image

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