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Formula 1 Slot Car Racetrack

Slot Mods Raceways, based in Detroit, Michigan, has built tracks for both corporations and private individuals over the last ten years, including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Audi, and Toyota. This custom-built slot car track was commissioned by Formula 1, and was used at races last season by numerous drivers and other important figures in the world of Formula 1. Now at auction, this unique 1:32 scale track was crafted by artists and took roughly three to six months to complete. It features hand-painted race fans, bespoke buildings, foliage lining the circuit, built-in electronic lap timing, on-track cameras, and much more. Proceeds from this sale will benefit the Reaching the Last Mile Fund, a global health campaign to eradicate preventable diseases.

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Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior


The spectacular Casa Peninsula, was designed by the Bernardes Arquitetura office in São Paulo - Brazil, and was erected on a steep slope sanctuary in nature offering simply breathtaking views. Overlooking a bay from a lush, green cliff, this private residence in Guaruja is split over three levels, the ground floor, featuring four guest rooms and a TV room, the middle level hosting the dining room, living room, kitchen and swimming pool, and the top floor containing ...
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TEA SUB | Image


This fun little tea infuser may be a good solution to encourage children to drink tea because it is a healthy habit, it´s interesting to use a submarine to give a touch of playfulness and fun. Just put some loose tea inside the Tea Sub compartment, and submerge! Makes a very cool gift....
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LEGO BMW GS Adventure | Image

LEGO BMW GS Adventure

The legendary BMW GS Adventure is one of the most desirable off-road motorbikes, it is quite simply, the most successful modern motorcycle on the planet. The LEGO Technic BMW R 1200 GS is the first Lego model to be created in cooperation with the German motorcycle manufacturer and it looks awesome. Developed by BMW designers to be as faithful as possible, this mini model stays true to the full-sized motorcycle’s signature styling. The 603-piece kit is a brilliant re...
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