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Eyes Of Fear Coarse Bust Duo | By Coarse Toys

We are big fans of "designer toys" and we love Coarse Toys, we´ve featured them on here before(type coarse toys in the search box). This new release sculpted by Mark Landwehr, is hand crafted and finished high gloss and lined with a soft  felt base. It comes in a very nice 4-tone printed supreme cardboard box.

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_2.jpg | Image

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_3.jpg | Image

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_4.jpg | Image

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_5.jpg | Image

Taylor Stitch
Briston watches
Huckberry Interior


El Boldo is a spectacular contemporary house located high on a cliff in front of Zapallar bay, Chile. Designed by Sun Arquitectos, the impressive villa stands out with its daring concrete and wooden structure that emerges from an extreme topography. The horizontal composition of the house is divided into two floors, a level of access and main use, with a parking area, and all the service areas gathered, communicated with the living spaces, such as living...
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The Original Collapsible Candle Lantern is a really cool item to get if you’re the outdoorsy type of guy. It reminisces on the old spirit of campfires and petrol lanterns but with some cool new features that make it a more modern and practical version. On the cool side you get a hand stitched leather sleeve and patina-brazed aluminum, on the practical side you get a hanging hook, a carrying handle and a twist lock base, along with a glass chimney and a spring loaded...
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Topo Designs Tenkara Rod Co Kit | Image

Topo Designs Tenkara Rod Co Kit

Topo Designs have teamed up with Tenkara Rod Co. for this ready to fish kit designed for simplicity and taking the guess work out of fly fishing. The limited-edition kit gives both the new and established Tenkara fishermen everything they need in a small, lightweight package.  The kit includes a 10.5ft moderate action Tenkara Rod, Tenkara line, traditional Tenkara flies, a Leader Wallet to organize line and flies, as well as the limited edition Light Hip Pack t...
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