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Eyes Of Fear Coarse Bust Duo | By Coarse Toys

We are big fans of "designer toys" and we love Coarse Toys, we´ve featured them on here before(type coarse toys in the search box). This new release sculpted by Mark Landwehr, is hand crafted and finished high gloss and lined with a soft  felt base. It comes in a very nice 4-tone printed supreme cardboard box.

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_2.jpg | Image

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_3.jpg | Image

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_4.jpg | Image

img_coarse_eyes_of_fear_5.jpg | Image

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After a successful kickstarter campaign BoxLock is now available for purchase, just in time for those holiday season deliveries. This smart lock prevents you packages from being stolen, it lets your package delivery driver securely deliver packages to your front door. All users have to do is set a designated spot (bin, box, shed, or any storage container) for receiving packages and attach the BoxLock, then the delivery person scans the tracking number on your packag...
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The Revolution R180 Smart Toaster is a new addition to the evergrowing segment of smart devices, this one in particular aims to assist you in taking your bread toasting to a whole new level. It features a touch-screen that will let you swipe through multiple options in terms of bread and condition that will let you get the perfect toast almost every time. When not in use its screen becomes a clock (you may choose from analog or digital) and the sensors within will e...
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These stylish cabinets have all the features you need to keep you bike gear neat and organized and a place to showcase and store your prized bike. The Bike Box is available in five versions for varied storage needs, and is built using CDF (Compact Density Fibreboards), which are almost indestructible, moisture resistant and even fire resistant. Each unit also includes pegs and shelves made of hard beech wood, that allow you to sort your things in your own way. The v...
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