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Beflo Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk

Recently receiving a 2023 iF Design Award, the stunning Beflo Tenon Smart Desk redefines home offices. This modular sit-stand desk adapts to your needs and declutters your workspace. Professional cable organization keeps things tidy and ensures your devices are charged. With a sleek design, it is a piece of functional art. The touch screen, companion app, power outlets, and USB ports are standard. Add-ons like the Flow Kit enhance productivity. The Tenon desk encourages movement, promotes wellness, and fits seamlessly into any decor with its minimalist four-leg design unlike generic sit-stand desks. Its beveled edge hardwood desktop and a comfortable metal frame made of polished aluminum offer both style and durability. Customization options are available, and each desk comes with a 15-year warranty. watch the video below

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Igloo Coolers have introduced the ultimate all-terrain cooler, the Trailmate Cooler. A must have if you´re one of those who won´t give up the chance to get a cold one wherever you go. This high capacity cooler is rugged and designed to pull around even on difficult terrain conditions, its 10 inch never-flat wheels make sure you can go through every obstacle with ease. It´s made from rust resistant materials and the high quality insulation Ultratherm composite wil...
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BikeBlock was created for urban bike users that want to store their precious ride inside their apartment, but there never seems to be a stand that would look good enough for it... with that in mind Danish company Urbanature developed this minimalist industrial piece with an ultra modern concrete look, allowing you to showcase your prized possession, giving it a deserved place of honor in your apartment. BikeBlock keeps your wheels standing because of its considerabl...
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Many of us spend the day sitting at a desk with little physical activity, not good news for our health. To fight this sedentary lifestyle, office furniture maker Turnstone created the "Buoy", a seat that keeps you active. It swivels, turns, tilts, and moves up and down, keeping your body active and your mind sharp. You can personalize your Buoy, choosing the color and pattern at their website. via...
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