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VSSL First Aid Stash Collection

VSSL just launched their First Aid Stash collection. The collection includes first aid tools completely customizable to your needs on your next adventure. We are personally loving the mini version as it will be perfect to keep in the car door or throw in a pack on a hike! The Stash line of products features VSSLs iconic, water-resistant, military-grade aluminum capsules with a variety of endcap options, each housing a series of screw-top storage tins in various sizes.

The VSSL First Aid Stash collection consists of a build-your-own method that enables users to make deliberate first aid kits based on a particular activity and planned need. Four entirely configurable kits with various features and sizes are part of the Stash series.

vssl-first-aid-stash-collection-2.jpg | Image

vssl-first-aid-stash-collection-3.jpg | Image

vssl-first-aid-stash-collection-4.jpg | Image

vssl-first-aid-stash-collection-5.jpg | Image



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