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Tie Tea Cup | By George Lee

Another one of those "why didnīt i think of that" inventions. Tie Tea Cup is a genius idea by designer George Lee and solves that annoying of having to fish arround for your tea bag thatīs inevitably floating in your cup. All you have to do is tie the teabag to the tab, and you are set to go.

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The Domino Clock by carbon Design Group takes a simple and iconic object and transforms it into a new way to tell time. The concept is simple. Three larger-than-life dominoes are equipped with articulating "dots” that flip back-and-forth between black and white to keep time. They hang on the wall or stand free, very cool....
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Designed by Patterson Associates Architects, the Seascape Retreat is a nomadīs dream come true. Located on a rock escarpment in a tiny boulder strewn in New Zealandīs South Pacific cove, the romantic beachside cottage was built using only locally sourced materials, and includes only a lobby, living/sleeping room, small kitchen and a bathroom, all with breathtaking views of the beautiful surroundings. Located in a remote landscape, the house is accessible only by far...
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YETI Brick Bottle Opener | Image

YETI Brick Bottle Opener

Constructed of cast stainless steel, and weighing 3/4th of a pound, the Brick is quite possibly the burliest bottle opener you can get. Available in limited quantities from today, the Brick Bottle Opener by YETI has bottle cap busting power, is built for the apocalypse, and lets be honest, this thing can even double as a weapon. Consider this your trophy bar accessory....
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