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The American Longbow

The American Longbow is an item produced by Best Made, a NY based company that takes pride in what they make. This Bow is really beautiful to look at and seems quite a treat to handle. Made from a single Hickory core, to ensure its strength and flexibility, with fiberglass laminates on both sides to ensure its structure stays strong yet light, it also has a Bubinga riser that´s meticulously cut and finished to provide smooth shooting, finished with black hand-stitched grip and a Flemish string that you can fine tune by adding twists. The American Longbow has no modern tech to enhance your shooting, just pure old-school ability to handle and shoot. A purist treat, American made.

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Drift Light is a new smart light bulb that mimics the setting sun. Drift Light dims the light at bedtime, over a 37-minute "sunset" period with changing and fading colors matching those of a sunset, until the bedroom is dark and we are gently asleep. At night, the LED bulb can also mimic the moonlight, fading to a nightlight brightness. The rest of the day it can be used as a normal bulb. And the cool thing is you don´t need any fancy app, simply screw it into a so...
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Townew Self-Changing Trash Can | Image

Townew Self-Changing Trash Can

Meet the first self-sealing and self-changing trash can. The Townew waste bin uses HDPE Refill Rings to eliminate traditional garbage bags. With built-in thermoplastic sealing technology and infrared sensing lid, it automatically seals bags, detects overloading, and keeps odors secured. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days, and it seamlessly integrates into modern kitchens with its minimalist design and open-top. The ultimate hands-free and hassle-free solut...
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Running out of gift ideas? do you have a friend or family member that loves cooking or spends a lot of time in the kitchen? we rounded up some of our favorite picks from our "kitchen" section, here are some cool and useful Kitchen related gifts. Product details after the jump....
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