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Scandinavian Mobile Sauna

The Scandinavian Mobile Sauna aims to bring portability to a much appreciated activity for a reasonable number of people. You might think this would be a hard task to undertake but the guys at Native Narrative did a good job on this one, it looks great! Made from Aspen timber with minimalist furniture inside, this escape can provide serious heat for up to 10 pax. You also get a glass door that separates rooms inside so you have a place to change. Power is provided by a Harvia Oven, a well known brand from Finland, and a warm LED lighting system ensures you will get in a zen mood after a couple of minutes. Easy to tow and park, it will enable you to get a sauna in an idyllic place of your choice with little hassle.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Celebrated Hollywood writer & producer JJ Abrams has teamed with leading magic cards manufacturer Theory11 for this beautiful, handcrafted wooden lockbox. The Mystery Box is made of 100-year-old reclaimed wood and is locked with an alpha-numeric combination lock. It contains 12 decks of high quality Mystery Box Playing Cards and a letterpressed note from J.J. Abrams enclosed in a kraft paper envelope stamped with a black wax seal. via $1 per deck purchased is...
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Wald Plug Lamp could be your first step into the minimal aesthetic movement. Something simple, smart, that provides a "clean” look. The elegant "floor lamp” requires no wires, it fits into a light socket without any additional support or base, allowing you to quickly move it around the house if you want to. It´s a great mix of modern and classic, metal and wood, a winning combination that results in a piece of exquisite taste and build quality. You can choose betwee...
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Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bar Set | Image

Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bar Set

Cedes Milano has over thirty years of experience in the luxury sector and in high-quality manufacturing, they manufacture natural products with emphasises on the natural elegance of raw materials, such as travel accessories, personal care products and home accessories, all 100% handmade piece by piece. One of their most impressive offerings is this sublime Bamboo and Stainless Steel Bar Set, it has everything a bartender needs to mix and prepare cocktails. Housed in...
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