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Ring Pet Tag

In those unpredictable moments when your pet goes missing, every second counts. With the Ring Pet Tag, you have a powerful tool to help reunite with your beloved pet quickly. This innovative pet tag features a custom QR code that holds vital information about your pet. When scanned, it provides rescuers with essential details, including photos and medical information, all without revealing your personal contact information.

Real-time alerts keep you informed when someone scans the tag, offering peace of mind. Plus, anonymous communication ensures that you can connect with your pets rescuer through calls or texts, all while safeguarding your privacy.

Take advantage of your local Ring App community by activating Lost Pet Mode, instantly sharing your pets profile and a personalized message with your neighbors. Additionally, easily upload your pets picture to Petco Love Lost to expand your search. watch the video below

ring-pet-tag-2.jpeg | Image

ring-pet-tag-3.jpeg | Image

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Unleash your inner chef with the new Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro, a smart appliance that integrates easily with a corresponding app for your phone to set timers, choose cooking modes, cook-progress monitoring, and even walk through recipes and preparation methods step-by-step with a collection of videos and tips. It even lets you go hands free with voice activation (compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa). With a compact design and multi-functional ...
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WiT Smart e-Reading Lamp | Image

WiT Smart e-Reading Lamp

More and more we are using screens for reading, and although this brings convenience and entertainment, the needs for the right lighting of screen reading have never really been met. BenQ’s WiT Smart Desk Lamp is the world’s first lamp developed specifically for e-reading, an llumination solution that cares about every aspect of your e-Reading experience. The innovative Smile Curve Technology offers a 90cm light range, 150% wider over traditional lamps to create...
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Flikr is the first personal fireplace fueled by rubbing alcohol. The stylish fireplace runs on easy-to-find rubbing alcohol, and brings the undeniable allure of an open flame inside, letting you enjoy the dancing flames of a well-contained fire anywhere in your home. Made from non-absorbent, specialised cement that can withstand up to 3000-degree heat, each fireplace provides a burn time of around 50 minutes for every 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol....
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