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Respira Natural Air Purifier

At first glance this might look like a vertical planter, but Respira is much more than just that. The sleek device filters out dust and particles and then pulls air through its wall of 13 natural plants. Beneficial organisms living within the root zone capture and permanently destroy airborne toxins and chemicals that we would otherwise be breathing. Naturally purified air is then released through the front of the unit. Respira also adds additional humidity to enrich your home with fresh oxygen and clean air, adding a direct connection to nature, and helping you improve your mood, productivity, concentration, and creativity. An app is also included, allowing you to monitor plant health and air quality from wherever you are. Each device is customizable and requires minimum maintenance. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
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British design label Buster + Punch make extraordinary items for everyday use, their latest product are these gorgeous LED bulbs and matching Heavy Metal Pendants. The Buster Bulb features a resin light pipe at the center, allowing it to create a subtle ambient light, whilst at the same time throw a focused spot light onto a table or surface below. To complete the industrial look, you can also purchase the sleek light pendant made from solid steel and finished with...
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SNURK is a Dutch brand that sells some very original duvet covers, like this cool Astronaut cover. The suit printed on the cover is actually "real", from the official European Space Agency, giving it a more realistic look. Lie down, close your eyes and feel gravity decrease instantly… Available in the US at amazon Also check out their cool duvet cover for girls, the Princess duvet cover ...
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OneBlade Razor is a new shaver that was designed to become the world´s best shaving device, and that´s no small goal. Everything was thought thoroughly, from the ideal weight handle to the German single blade precision system, nothing was left to chance. Made from hardened stainless steel and platinum coated, the single blade razor provides a sharp, close shave like you´ve never felt before. An everyday item that´s been overengineered to deliver a great feeling ...
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