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Pelican Rugged Sleep Pad

There is no better choice than a Pelican case to carry your most precious gear. Now, the brand has introduced Pelican Outdoor, a new collection of outdoor products that are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as their iconic cases. This new collection features a variety of soft-line products for outdoor tech and gear protection, as well as various outdoor gear designed for the outdoor enthusiast. Our pick from the collection is this Rugged Sleep Pad, a great camping companion for when comfort is more important than saving weight. The self-inflating and insulated pad is easy to set up and will keep you comfortable in all conditions, it features a 19D memory foam inner core, and a PVC outer shell that keeps you dry and protected from the elements. The side armrests and integrated head pillow will keep you secure whether it is on an overnight trip or long-term excursion.

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