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July 2023 Workstation

After the global pandemic, a higher number of individuals are now embracing remote work. To maximise productivity, it is crucial to establish a well-organized home workstation. This designated area serves as a sacred space where a significant portion of our day is spent. In pursuit of the ultimate ideal desk setup, our focus is on choosing equipment that enhances functionality and eliminates clutter in your office space. We also aim to present products that promote a more ergonomic working environment, all while harmoniously integrating them into a sleek, minimalist, and elegant design. By striking the right balance, we aspire to help you unlock your fullest potential, increasing productivity, efficiency, and creativity.

Whether it is your latte, coffee, or tea, the Ember Mug ensures your hot beverage stays at your desired temperature through its user-friendly app. Now, you can conveniently set the drinking temperature and manage Ember settings remotely from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Precision-machined from a solid block of aluminum, this EDC tray features four intelligently sized compartments, tailor-made to accommodate and neatly organize and safeguard your most cherished everyday carry items, all within one convenient space.

The Framed Tech series by GRID pays homage to the biggest tech icons to have graced our pockets, by disassembling them and laying all parts out in an ultra-organized fashion, creating these modern works of art.

This cutting-edge accessory enhances your laptop experience by seamlessly integrating a phone and tablet mount, wireless charger, and a high-quality light, effectively turning your laptop into a fully equipped workstation. 

This exquisite mechanical display exudes a vintage charm, offering you the perfect canvas for conveying messages and much more. Seamlessly connecting to your mobile device via a dedicated app, this split-flap display allows you to effortlessly share messages and receive updates from various platforms such as Twitter, Slack, and your calendar.

GreenLight, a leading name in the die-cast replica industry, honors the legacy of iconic film and television vehicles from both the past and present. Renowned for its high-octane action and thrilling heist plot, Gone In 60 Seconds is an iconic American film, and this 1/24 Scale Diecast 18220 Eleanor 1967 Custom Shelby GT500 pays homage to the star car of the movie.

A versatile and compact toolset perfect for precise repairs and crafting tasks. This kit comes with a host of impressive features, including a clamshell workstation, a dual torque screwdriver, and a circular LED light, ensuring convenience and clarity during your projects.

Experience precision, comfort, durability, and universal compatibility for enhanced productivity and focus throughout the day. The keyboard features tactile keys that set a new standard for quiet keying, ensuring you can type with confidence without distracting others.

A state-of-the-art 4K webcam infused with AI capabilities, specially designed for presenters and streamers seeking top-notch image quality and advanced AI tracking functionalities. This impressive webcam boasts an automatic tracking feature that smoothly follows your movements, accompanied by gesture controls and various convenient modes.

This innovative flight-inspired alarm clock, designed to mimic the appearance of a primary flight instrument. Each clock embodies the exact shape of an aircraft instrument and comes with a dial that remarkably replicates the specific flight instruments appearance. 

Upon first sight, you may underestimate the complexity of unraveling the Venn Puzzle. Crafted with intricacies and asymmetries to provide an extra layer of challenge, this captivating puzzle tests your mental acuity and dexterity. When successfully solved, it forms a flawless sphere, doubling as an eye-catching desk ornament.

Crafted with unparalleled precision from a solid block of aluminum, the Grovemade Desk Pen boasts a single-piece body that promises a lifetime of endurance. Its robust structure is further accentuated and shielded by a resilient anodized finish, providing both protection and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

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