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Heavy Duty Fan | By Vornado

The Vornado Heavy Duty Fan is sure to become your most valuable piece of equipment during the hot summer months. This rugged fan has a nearly indestructible body and steel base, it features a ball-bearing motor that never needs oiling and is dust resistant, it can move air 100 feet!

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
PLUS HUS | Image


Whether you need a backyard office, a guest house, a gym or a kids playroom, the Plus Hus gives you 320 square feet to be customized almost any way you see fit. The low waste 320-square foot unit is pre-fabricated, flat-packed and can be delivered to anywhere in the States, and assembled on-site. The environmentally friendly dwellings are available in three different configurations that can include a bathroom and kitchenette. Included with each abode is a ...
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How simple and practical can an idea be...the "Hookeychain Magnet" combines all functions of a keychain, a magnet and a hook. Eliminate the annoying and time-consuming searches for your keys, simply place the hookeychain magnet against the fridge or any metal cabinet....
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GOSTAK | Image


GoStaks are a smart and sleek solution for portable nutrition. The fully-customizable, versatile storage system consists of a combination (your choice) of durable jars that twist and lock together for easy carry and storage. Fill them with protein powders, post-workout supplements, vitamins, pills, snacks, etc…, secure them tightly, and you´re good to go! watch the video Available for purchase in Europe here...
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