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Bubble Fireplace | By Planika Fireplaces

Bubble is a fireplace designed by Serge Atallah for Planika. Itīs base is a cylindrical form made from fiberglass laminated polyester, the burner is in stainless steel and itīs available in white or vibrant red orange finish. You can use it for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for placing in city lofts and funky contemporary interiors.

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Every once in awhile we come across something original and fun for the kids(remember the popular Astronaut diver cover?), we recently found these cool color-in wallpaper by Burgerplex, you can color in the artwork using marker pens, felt tips or paint. A great design idea for any childrenīs room or playroom. Available at Burgerplex online store or at
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Retro VW Fridge | Image

Retro VW Fridge

Renown kitchen appliance makers Gorenje, in collaboration with the German car manufacturer VW, have presented the awesome Retro VW Fridge. Inspired by the legendary VW Minibus, the Gorenje Retro Special edition series features all of todays state-of-the-art technology, it boasts the highest achievable energy-efficiency rating (A+++), has an ample capacity of 260 liters, includes IonAir and DynamiCooling food preservation technology, and features the recognizable two...
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Described has an over-sized birdīs nest by the designers Daniel Pouzet & Fred Frety, the "Nestrest" is a secluded, suspended sanctuary. Itīs made of very strong fiber thatīs waterproof and environmentally friendly. Nestrest is the perfect place for relaxing, meditatiing and open-air conversations....
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