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Bubble Fireplace | By Planika Fireplaces

Bubble is a fireplace designed by Serge Atallah for Planika. It´s base is a cylindrical form made from fiberglass laminated polyester, the burner is in stainless steel and it´s available in white or vibrant red orange finish. You can use it for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for placing in city lofts and funky contemporary interiors.

img_planika_bubble_fireplace_2.jpg | Image

img_planika_bubble_fireplace_3.jpg | Image

img_planika_bubble_fireplace_4.jpg | Image

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Luna presents their new mattress smart cover, it´s smart because it lets you control it through an app in your smartphone, if you´re on your way home and thinking about going to sleep, just turn it on and program the temperature you want in your bed, luna mattress will take care of the rest. It also has monitors and evaluates your sleep quality and cycles, and you can even program, through the app on your smartphone, for it to wake you at the right moment in ...
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Skeye Pico Drone is the world´s smallest drone! it fits in the palm of your hand, in fact, you can store it within the remote control, making it pocket size, so you´ll have fun anywhere you want, because of its portability. You get all the features of its older brothers, like the six axis flight control and RTF (ready-to-fly) technology. You also get LED lights to fly it by night, and get a cool firefly effect, and a 3 level adjustable sensitivity for the remote. ...
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The James Brand Cambro Tray Set | Image

The James Brand Cambro Tray Set

Are you tired of your daily gear taking over your living space? The James Brand has the solution for you with their latest product - the Cambro Tray Set. This set provides a designated space for all the various parts of your daily loadout, so everything is always in its place and ready to go when you need it. Made in Southern California by Cambro, the James Brand Cambro Tray Set is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand daily wear and te...
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