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ARK Elevated Tent

Developed by Exod over three years, Ark is the ultimate versatile camp solution. The Ark Elevated Tent is like a fusion of a Heimplanet Cave Tent and a Tenssile Tree Tent, offering a tree-level tenting solution like no other. Manufactured with the finest and highest quality materials, the versatile tent features a primary frame with an inflatable tubular exoskeleton that takes shape in a mere 30 seconds of pumping. Once inflated, you can set it on the ground with stakes, or use the included telescoping carbon/alloy frame to shore up the floor structure, for a hammock-style shelter deployable between any two mounting points. The Ark can also be hung from a single hook overhead, such as on a tree branch. When hanging, the floor provides insulation from cold air below while also offering a large storage compartment for packs and gear. watch the video below

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The Dutchtub was invented and designed by Floris Schoonderbeek. He makes his work to inspire people to live the public outdoor space. One way is the wood fired hot tub which he calls, dutchtub. The dutchtub creates the opportunity to take a nice warm bath any in the world, as long there’s water and wood. Available now in the US at amazon...
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Designed by Egue Y Seta, this inspiring apartment is located in Madrid, Spain. The designers turned an old Madrid house from the 50´s into a new and welcoming home to a young couple with kids. They reconstructed the unique place, with pieces of custom designed furniture and experimenting with details, and retro finishes. The kids bedroom is a place to dream and play under a tree house like bunk bed, and there is a cool suspended net bed for chilling whilst reading ...
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Adventure Whare Retreat, located in Castle Hill Village, New Zealand, offers a modern twist on the traditional A-frame hut. The design by Studio Well embraces the alpine aesthetic while focusing on practicality and sustainability. The exterior form, inspired by A-Frame huts, offers shelter and privacy, nestled between trees. The roof peels up to reveal timber-framed glazing, connecting the retreat with the native bush reserve. Inside, ...
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